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Fontanelle is an agricultural estate with an ancient tradition that, for several centuries, has belonged to the Barone Ryolo of Milazzo. It is located on the hills of San Filippo del Mela, facing the Aeolian Islands.
Oil and wine have always been the most suitable crops for the soil of its fields, a robust area rich in underground water. In fact, the “Agriturismo Fontanelle” was built in the ancient buildings of the 1700s. An accommodation and restaurant facility where historical treasures such as the stone millstones used for crushing olives, the screw presses of the Antico Frantoio and the ancient Palmenti are jealously guarded. Here, in particular, it is possible to admire the old architectural structure of the rustic complex and breathe in the air, rich in history and suggestions, enjoying a unique place where ancient bottles dating back to 1824 that were exhibited at the universal exhibition of Paris in the same year, reside even today. In addition to producing wine, over the years, the Barone Ryolo company has also specialized in the cultivation of exotic fruits and an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil born from the union of different native cultivars such as Ogliarola Messinese, Nocellara, Biancolilla Coratina and Sant ‘ Agatese. The wine-tourist experience at the Barone Ryolo winery costs € 10 per person and also includes diverse wine experiences with the wines from one of the leading Doc Mamertino estates.


The restaurant of the Agriturismo Fontanelle, our ‘fastfood’ farm, with one hundred seats, is housed in the exceptional premises “Frantoio” where, as early as 1700, the Barone Ryolo milled the olives produced from the agricultural land and where the precious stone millstones and the Strettoio presses are still preserved. In the neighboring room, formerly intended for the preservation of terracotta jars where oil was stored, there is the ancient stone fireplace. The meals served here are authentic and simple, but made with great attention to the ingredients used. In fact, the oil, wine, vegetables and fruit grown on the land of the farm are used, managed according to the Organic Agriculture specification. The restaurant is designed in such a way that all dishes are displayed on special tables and on the stone surface of the ancient mill, therefore it is also possible to have a quick meal for lunch during a work break.

The welcoming spaces of Agriturismo Fontanelle are many and of various sizes and uses.      

  • The lodgings have been created in the ancient farmhouses of the 19th century
  • There is a room intended for small painting and photography exhibitions where it has been possible to exhibit a good number of paintings and objects obtained from the old stable of the Borgo.                                                                  
  • The large and ample space recovered in the local “Palmento” is where once, the bunches of grapes to be fermented were crushed in special tanks and where today it is possible to celebrate with live music.                                                                                        
  • The external courtyard at the heart of the Fontanelle farmhouse, where you can stop for an aperitif;                                                      
  • The room with twenty seats obtained from the old barn is suitable for children’s parties as it is next to a courtyard with an outdoor garden.                                                                                                      
  • The space for a restaurant with table service, for forty people, is found in the chambers of the Baronial house consisting of four adjoining rooms that retain their original character and frescoes.

Information about services, reservations and costs

  • Visits are held in Italian or English;
  • Booking of the wine tourism experience is only possible if confirmed by Barone Ryolo;
  • It is possible to buy wine directly in the cellar


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