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In 2004 the DOC Mamertino received recognition, then in 2019 the association, finally in 2022 the birth of the Consortium Mamertino, whose affiliated producers, led by President Flora Mondello, have given life to the current reality, the result of commitment and concrete and well-defined objectives.

The territory of Mamertino has always been linked to the civilization of vine and wine. It is known that Julius Caesar drank Mamertino wine at a time when it was possible to taste over one hundred wines from all over Europe. Despite its millennial history, until recent times this wine had disappeared almost entirely from the wine scene; everything changes in 2004, with the recognition of the DOC that lays the foundations for the birth of the association of producers in 2019 and for the establishment of the Consortium Mamertino in 2022. Today there are fifteen affiliated companies that produce wine in the over 100 hectares of the territory of Mamertino, all producing Mamertino DOC wine for at least two years, a sine qua non condition to be part of the Consortium. The production area is divided into 31 municipalities and boasts an annual production of over one hundred thousand bottles, results destined to further growth over the years.

The President Flora Mondello and all the Board of Directors of the Consortium therefore share a collective vision, united by the objective of promoting knowledge of wines produced according to the Mamertino DOC specification, and the unique and fully characteristic vines of this strip of land, such as – specifically – the Nocera. In order to make the identity and value of this production chain perceived, the Consortium also undertakes to prepare a communication more current and closer to the needs of contemporary consumers, to increase the reputation of Mamertino in the world. Another essential element is to organize wine tourism and hospitality initiatives that act as a stimulus for the growth of the wine sector through a wider experiential offer that enhances every single actor in the entire area.

In 2004 the DOC Mamertino received recognition, then in 2019 the association of producers, led by President Flora Mondello, was created, which gave life to its current existence. The result is a commitment and well-defined objectives since its inception.

From Julius Caesar to the present day, Mamertino wine has always captured the palate of many wine lovers, a wine with unique characteristics produced in a territory with well-rooted millenial traditions that looks to the future. Towards the end of 2018, the majority of DOC Mamertino producers met to realize an already rooted idea, founding the DOC Mamertino Association. Formally established in March 2019, among the conditio sine qua non, to formally form part of it, is the obligation to produce a DOC Mamertino for at least two years within the location in the province of Messina. There are numerous objectives that the Association sets itself: to increase production, prestige and communication relating no longer to the individual company but to the entire Association, as well as organize initiatives related to wine tourism and hospitality, in order to grow not only the winemaking sector but also tourism of the whole area concerned. The main objective, however, is to protect and safeguard the production of the Nocera, a typical Milazzo grape – used for the production of Mamertino – which is designated to mitigating and refreshing Nero d’Avola thanks to its freshness and acidity.

The Board of Directors of the DOC Mamertino Association is composed of the President Flora Mondello (Gaglio Vignaioli), the Vice President Carmelo Grasso (Feudo Solaria), the treasurer Simone Paone (Cantine Mimmo Paone) and the directors Ylenia Martino (Antica Tindari) and Maria Genovese (Vigna Nica).
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