Planeta’s is a story of courage and commitment, of innovation and tradition: the estate and family identify themselves, both with their vision to the horizon and their feet firmly planted on Sicilian ground. Starting from the 90s, the seventeenth generation – a handful of twenty-year-olds, led by Alessio Planeta, under the protective wing of the founder Diego Planeta – started a completely new business plan, which put the wine at the center of all activities of the family farms. After having inaugurated the first cellar in Ulmo in 1994, the “Journey to Sicily” had begun: a production project centered on the search for the most suitable areas of the island, to start vineyards and cellars to produce the excellence of each area, working on the preservation of native vines but continuing to experiment with international varieties, especially in Menfi, the company’s operational center, where research and development has never stopped, and is equally divided between international and indigenous varieties. The next stage of the journey was Vittoria in 1997, then Noto in 1998, Etna in 2006 and finally Capo Milazzo, on the La Baronia estate, rented for thirty years by the Barone Lucifero Foundation, where since 2011 the company has dedicated itself to Mamertino DOC and the ancient indigenous varieties, among which Nocera stands out.

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