Principi di Mola

The Principi di Mola farm was born out of the union of an agricultural tradition that has been perpetuated for generations, and the innovation given by current technologies. The estate is located in the municipality of Rodì Milici, in a very well ventilated and sunny hilly area, halfway between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Nebrodi mountains. Here, for generations, the land has always produced fine grapes, where since the third century BC, a wine of absolute excellence has been produced.

Salvo Alessandro and his family take care of all the products with the attention that would be given to a family member, carefully taking care of the vines and soil, harvesting and transforming precious grapes into very high-quality wine with techniques aimed at preserving the condition of the plants.

The historic winery of the estate has been renewed over the generations, to achieve and maintain high quality standards and by adopting the best oenological techniques and the most accurate processing and refining methods, safely producing authentic products with a great enological identity.

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