Gaglio Vignaioli

Flora Mondello and her mother Maria Teresa Galio – both architects – follow the family business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Two very solid principles guide them: combining the tradition and culture of quality agriculture with the demanding and ever-changing demands of the market.

The history of the Gaglio Vignaioli winery has its roots in the early 1900s, in Tindari (province of Messina) where Flora’s great-grandfather began to grow vines and export grapes to France. The company was later managed by Francesco Gaglio who planted the first espalier vineyard, starting to determine the quality production of native grapes such as Calabrese and Nocera. Today this testimony of passion has passed intact and reinvigorated to her daughter, Maria Teresa and is shared with determination by Flora. The commitment of the latter, in particular, thanks to a careful export policy, has made it possible to increase the company’s reference markets, diversifying production activities. Today the Gaglio family also produces an excellent Bio Valdemone DOP extra virgin olive oil and is successfully dedicated to welcoming and promoting the area with a quality farmhouse.

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