Guzman Tenuta Moreri

A feud bearing a barony, a family of professionals and entrepreneurs who have always been in love with their land. Guzman represents the “new that advances”, a production reality that looks to technological implementation, jealously guarding the values of the past and fully integrating the dictates of organic cultivation into its “corporate vision”. At Tenuta Moreri, the Caffarelli family has been producing wine for over a century, in the historic area of Mamertino, on the arch that goes from Cefal├╣ to Messina, close to that archaeological area of Tindari that directly overlooks the Ionian Sea. Right here, in an old Sicilian farmhouse, a contemporary winery where history and innovation meet in the passion for viticulture, transmitted by grandmother Ida Gatti and grandfather Gaetano Caffarelli, Baron of Guzman, – noble title conferred to the Cafarelli with the Feud of Guzman from Philip II king of Spain – to the third generation: Camillo, Gaetano and Paola. They have decided to continue the entrepreneurial project by reconverting – thanks also to the help of the oenologist Federico Curtaz – all the vineyards with native grapes: Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia, Nocera and Nero d’Avola.

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