Cambria vini

A boundless passion for wine and a very deep bond with their land are values that have always inspired the Cambria estate. The continuous commitment to producing high quality wines goes hand in hand with the desire to enhance the uniqueness of the territory and, in particular, the Nocera. We are in Furnari, a place rich in history expressed through the wines of Nino and Franco Cambria. The family business covers 30 hectares of land, with 25 hectares of vineyards divided into small estates, found on land originating from Pliocene marine marls with limestone, schist and volcanic rocks, at heights ranging from 150 to 350 meters above sea level. The plants enjoy warm days and cool nights during the growing season and, nestled between the hills of Furnarese, on the slopes of the Tindari and Nebrodi mountains, Cambria tells the story of its family and territory.

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