Feudo Solaria

Cantine Grasso, founded in 1887, have been handed down from father to son for over five generations. With the planting of the first vineyards, Don Peppino started the family’s wine history: in 1925 Alessio Grasso inaugurated the first winery in Milazzo, which immediately became famous for its monumental barrels of hundreds of hectoliters each. Since 1984 the estate has been passed down to the fourth generation with Alessio, who introduces the most modern technologies to the cellar, expands and diversifies the areas planted with vines, also with attention to organic production. Quality is the main objective of the company, where there is tangible evidence of over 120 medals and awards achieved in the most prestigious wine competitions in the world. These last years have seen the passing of the baton to the fifth generation with the young Tullio and Carmelo, rightfully included in the supervision of all the various phases of the supply chain; they have the task of combining the great family tradition with the modern themes of production and international trade. From a production point of view, the light and warmth of the Sicilian sun, accompanied by gentle breezes and beneficial temperatures ripen the grapes until the moment of harvest, characterizing the red wines with pleasant aromatic scents and noticeable roundness; the whites are particularly fresh and savory thanks to the high mineral content of the soils and their exposure to the sea.

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