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Cambria Wines

Nino Cambria noticed a different, very aromatic and particularly delicious vine during one of his many walks in the vineyard on the estate. He decided to have it analyzed, discovering that it was a variety called Nocera. Certified and cloned, in order to replant the same clone from over 2000 years ago, it gave birth to the Cambria estate’s dream to revive the Nocera of the Mastronicola Estate, a precious grape which together with Nero d’Avola gives life to Mamertino. Here the wine has a rich, centuries old history full of tales and legends. A meeting of strength and elegance that gives this wine an unmistakable flavour and aroma, that offers a unique experience savouring all its distinguishing sweetness. A leap back to distant eras, a time machine of the senses, that recaptures the unchanged wine of emperors and leaders. An authentic pureness to be tasted and savored.

Guided tours and tastings

The wine-tasting offered by Cambria – at a cost of € 30.00 per person – is entitled “Mondo Nocera” and consists of an eno-sensorial journey of six different Nocera-based labels, combined with tastes of typical local products. This precious jewel of refined delicacy, obtained from an expert vinification and careful aging in a barrique, strikes and excites for its unique purity, authenticity, its smoothness and unmistakable and enduring scent.

Information about services, reservations and costs

  • Visits are held in Italian or English;
  • Booking of the wine tourism experience is only possible if confirmed by Cambria Vini
  • It is possible to buy wine directly in the cellar


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