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Capo Milazzo is a peninsula overlooking five of the seven Aeolian islands; the Cape also used to be an island, joined to the mainland by sedimentary deposits. Here you will find La Baronia, the smallest of the Planeta estates – 8 hectares of vineyards, surrounded by 20 hectares of centuries-old olive groves – but richest in history, memories and ideas. The sedimentary soil, which overlooks the sea, has a thick layer of volcanic sand from Mt Etna and the Aeolian Islands. The DOC Mamertino Planeta was born here, a project that started thanks to the meeting with the Barone Lucifero Foundation, owner of these lands kissed by beauty. Lands where agricultural management was in a state close to abandonment until 2011. The two realities have given rise to a recovery operation and a biodiversity and cultural heritage otherwise destined to be forgotten: where before there was only scrub, now there are new vineyards bordered by enchanting nature trails. Today this project, fully embraced by the Planeta company, is the paradigm of sustainable viniculture, not only from the point of view of cultivation and production – certified organic farming since 2021 – but also from an environmental, cultural, social and economic level, especially with thanks to the activities of the Foundation in favor of children, also financed by the proceeds of wine. The Baronia, at the moment, does not offer daily reception services, but hosts groups for visits and tastings, after contacting the company.

Information about services, reservations and costs

  • Visits are held in Italian or English
  • Booking of the wine tourism experience is only possible upon confirmation by the company.


via dei Platani, 98057 Milazzo (ME).

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