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Azienda Agricola Vasari

The Vasari farm boasts a landscape of rare beauty on the Gulf of Milazzo, that disappears into the endless sunset over the Aeolian Islands. A small, natural window that houses the cave from which, in anger, the mythical blinded Polyphemus cursed Ulysses. A simple and comfortable structure where you can enjoy the silence of nature while savoring good wine, finely accompanied by the typical flavors of the area. Every corner of this enchanted place teems with history, every scent captivates the heart and each color bequests true moments of bliss. In the ancient part of the cellar, by a vaulted construction of the 1700s, it is possible to admire a winch in cypress wood, with agave rope that frames ancient millstones and vats dating back to 1750 and 1845 in all its grandeur. In the museum a collection of various utensils and jars of the nineteenth century, formerly used for pouring oil, are displayed. It is an incredible journey through time to be experienced in all its magnificence.

Guided tours and tastings: the modern and the ancient of the 1700s

The visits take place seven days a week and at a cost of € 25.00 per person, within the location, where wine lovers will have the opportunity to undertake diversified and tailor-made eno-sensorial itineraries. These include food-wine combinations between tradition and modernity with the leading BIO white and red wines from the Azienda Agricola Vasari, designated as Doc Mamertino.

Hospitality and catering

The Vasari Estate offers the possibility of staying overnight to guests who wish to enjoy a break in full harmony with the surrounding nature and exclusive Mediterranean flavors.
The structure consists of a double bedroom and a two-room apartment with four beds –with in addition, a fireplace. It is equipped with a comfortable bathroom, air conditioning, TV and WiFi.

Information about services, reservations and costs

  • Visits are held in Italian or English;
  • Booking of the wine tourism experience is only possible if confirmed by Azienda Agricola Vasari;
  • It is possible to buy wine directly in the cellar.


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