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Vigna Nica

Vigna Nica is an entrepreneurial reality that incorporates the concept of ‘craftsmanship’ within all stages of the production chain, conveying, through each single label, the passion and love for the art of winemaking. From winter pruning to summer pruning, under the scorching sun that distorts the view, from the smell of sulfur that accompanies you until the evening, when you rest your head on your pillow in amazement of a plant with an extraordinary life force, that returns to life every year; the emotion of cutting the first bunch that starts the harvest, the flavor of the cold midnight pizza during the nights spent in the cellar; the sigh after an inconvenience, the smell of the must followed by the comings and goings of friends and relatives who come to pick it up to make mustard, the hiss of fermentation, the new vintage arriving, the aging processes, the full barrels. The emotion of the first labeled bottle, from the stumbling blocks of the first steps to complete maturity. This is Vigna Nica which, alongside the classic method of organic farming, combines biodynamic farming techniques to experiment and, above all, live in the field every day, learning to know the area better and in full respect of nature.

Guided tours and tastings

At the Vigna Nica company it is always possible to experience personalized wine-tourism experiences which include: a walk in the vineyard and in the cellar to get to know the production methods and processes up close and tailor-made ‘wine experiences’ overlooking the Aeolian Islands.

Information about services, reservations and costs

  • Visits take place in Italian or English;
  • Booking of the wine tourism experience is only possible if confirmed in advance by Vigna Nica;
  • You can buy the wine directly from the cellar


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